Conferences with Portuguese experts have been held in Porto to include competencies based on European Cultural Heritage in educational curricula.

Within the framework of the European project for the development of innovation FORM-ARTE*+, the international cycle of 3 days of conferences was developed around the theme “new models of cultural heritage management” in Porto, Portugal.

San Valero Foundation crossed the Portuguese border and presented the new curricular content developed within the framework of the European ERASMUS+ initiative, which makes it possible to include in any curriculum of any branch of vocational training, transversal skills such as cultural heritage, art, culture and social values ​​such as the environment and the fight against climate change.

The sessions took place in the Palacio das Artes de Porto as the ideal location to host the topic discussed, which addressed the presentation of curricular content and the learning and service methodology from an integrated approach, to how to approach the Camino de Santiago in curricular content. of the FP.

Likewise, it was possible to present the work carried out to the Portuguese Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, who was interested in the learning approach of the project and in expanding the participation of youth associations and training centers, in an international reference project linked to the Sain James Way and in the applied approach of transmitting knowledge to students while providing a service for the good of the European Cultural Heritage.

Experts from Portuguese culture, vocational training centers and companies that are members of the Board of Trustees of the Fundaçao da Juventude as a Portuguese partner in the project, participated in the conference.