“Enriching the horizon of Vocational Education Training” is the slogan chosen by the partners of the European “FORM-ARTE+” project. Form-arteplus.eu

This project aims to validate a learning model that integrates three transversal competences of Vocational Training: the European Cultural Heritage, the Digital Competencies and the Environment. These are the three axes the activities of this European project approved by the Spanish National Agency for ERASMUS + under the umbrella of its “Cooperation for innovation” programme.

As a motivating and representative element of the Art and Culture of the European Cultural Heritage, the Camino de Santiago, in quality of the first European itinerary recognized as Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, has been taken as a versatile educational resource. The first part of the educational material developed revolving around it is presented this week at the international meeting held on June 9 and 10.

Beyond training students professionally, students’ curricula will be enriched with new concepts and transversal competences not contemplated to date in student programs, which will broaden their knowledge base and skills, preparing them for aa ever-changing global world, they to be more versatile and professionally competent.

During the first working day, the training guide for vocational training teachers will be completed. This guide contains the method and part of the content to be transmitted to the students. It will be tested simultaneously by at least 50 VET teachers through an ad-hoc training action in four EU countries in the coming autumn.

During the second day, the training contents aimed at students will be specified, the second part of the teaching material of this learning model that, under the concept of learning and service methodology will put the acquired knowledge into practice. At the end of their training 250 students will prepare their final BEST PRACTICE projects around the Camino de Santiago, under environmental criteria through the use of ICT and digital technologies. To culminate students training a final contest of Best Practices carried out by the four participating European countries is foreseen.

The grant awarded by the European Union for the development of this project exceeds 250,000 euros for a 30 months duration.

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For additional info please the project website www.form-arteplus.eu or just send an email to internacionalequation.pdfgruposanvalero.es